Friday, July 31, 2009

My Great Grandmothers Crocheting Hooks

For my 11 birthday, one of my aunts, my mom's sister, sent me their grandmother's crochet hooks. She said received them after her grandmother had passed away. She does not crochet, so she did not have need for them. They had just been siting in a closet. She knew how much I loved to crochet so she gave them to me as a birthday present. I loved them. It is so neat to have crochet hooks that are so unique and so old.

Some I can tell are very old and have been used a lot. On some I can't read the size on them. Of the hooks I can read the size I have 0's, 5's,11's, 14's, and others.

I have some that where the size should be, there is a hole. I wonder how they use to tell the size of a hook!
I have one crochet hook that I especially like that my mom gave me. It has three hooks hooked together. A three in one crochet hook! I don't think there are many of those any more, it looks very old.



Blogger Lori Lynn said...

What a great and special present! I love to crochet too. I buy old hooks any time I find them at thrift stores and yard sales. I'm so glad to see your love of crochet at your age. I was 8 when I learned and I'm 42 now! I blog about it sometimes (when I have time) at

August 8, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

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