Saturday, March 20, 2010

Starching Doilies

I starch my doilies to make them lay right. It also makes them look stiff. But the starch eventually will wear off, so you might have to starch it again in a few years. Here the information on how to starch a doily:

First you will need a starching board, ( I will post how to make one when my dad figures out how to make one. Right now I am using the one my teacher's husband made me.) pins, and starch.

1. First wet the doily, so it is dripping wet and wring it out.
2. Put the doily into a few teaspoons of starch. Make sure to get all of the doily into some starch. Then you wring out the starch.

3. Pin the doily with pins onto the starching board and let it dry.

4. Unpin the doily and give it to who ever you are giving to.



Blogger Sarah said...

Cool! I will use this info when I make a doily. My great-grandma makes alot of doilies and she starches them too, so I will have to find out what she uses.

Oh, and I had my mom follow yyour blog, but I don't think my dad would like it very much if I signed him up. ;-)

March 20, 2010 at 12:39 PM  

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