Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Family's Dogs

Today I wanted to post about my family's dogs. We have three of them, which my mom thinks is a lot.

Boomer is the oldest of the three dogs. He is about six or seven years old. A friend of ours found Boomer digging in their flower bed. They checked around to see whose dog it was. Most neighbors said he was a stray. Our friend knew that my family wanted a guard dog, because our other dog at the time, wasn't a guard dog. They asked us if we wanted him. (I am not posting about Betsy, the dog just mentioned.) My parents said yes. I still remember waking up in the morning and finding who I thought was our neighbor's dog!

Dale is the other dog. We got her after Betsy died. She is about three years old. We also thought she would be a good guard dog. The pound said she was part German Sheppard, but we now think she is part English Sheppard instead. She is very cute. I started training her, then my sister picked it up when I started training Roy.

Roy is the third dog. This time we made sure he was a guard dog! He is one and a half years old. We bought him from a breeder when he was a puppy. He is a full blood German Shepard. He is the dog that I am training. He is so cute, friendly, and adorable. But he is always fighting with the other dogs. Here, here, and here are some pictures of him that my mom posted. (There is at least one picture of Dale and Boomer.) He is my favorite of the three dogs.



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