Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lengthening a Sewing Pattern

Lengthening a pattern is really easy. I lengthened the pattern on an apron I made with my grandma. ( I will post about the apron soon.) I wanted the apron longer than the pattern was. Grandma said I could lengthen it.

This is how you lengthen a pattern:

1. Decide where you want to make the pattern longer.
For example: on a shirt, decide if you want to lengthen
the sleeves or the body.

2. Cut the pattern the section you want to cut at the
straightest spot.

3. Pin part of the fabric where you want it to be.
Move the pattern pieces until you decide that it
is the length you want it to be. Pin the second pattern
piece onto the fabric.
4. This is optional. Pin a piece(s) of paper onto the empty
space where you will cut. The paper will serve as a guild line
when you cut out the project.

Have you ever lengthened a pattern?



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