Monday, June 23, 2008

My Work

This is the first doily I ever made. I finished it when I was eight years old. I finished it the summer of 2006. My parents had it framed for me and it is now hanging on my bedroom wall.

This is the same pattern but I made it smaller by not crocheting the last few rows of chains and the last row of fans. I have made at least nine of this pattern to give as gifts and to sell.

I have made two of these table centers. One was for my mom for Mother's Day. The other one I sold to a friend.

These are some smaller ones that I have made. These take me about two days to make. I have made more of them then I can remember. I make this same basic size, which is about six inches, in six different patterns. I have given these as gifts and also sold them.

I have made several other patterns but we do not have pictures of them.