Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Christmas Is all About

The meaning of Christmas has gone backwards. Most people think Christmas is about receiving present and not giving presents. Here is a post about a true Christmas.

This post teaches a lot about what Christmas really is. Christ was born to give His life for us. We as Christians should be willing to give up something for others pleasure. Reading this post really makes me appreciate what I have and realize what Christmas is really about. I hope this post makes you to have the same feeling.

This Christmas remember to give. I am sure you will be rewarded.


Monday, December 7, 2009

An Unique Crochet Hook

Several weeks ago I posted about a three in one crochet hook. When I posted about it I didn't know how it was used. After I posted about it I decided to show my hooks to my crochet teacher. It didn't take very long for my her to figure out how the hook is used.

First you choose the hook you are going to use. Then you put the two hooks you are not going to use away.

After that stick all the hooks in the holder. The hook that you want to use will stick through a hole at the bottom of the holder.

That is pretty smart in my opinion!